CSAA Five Diamond Certification Means You’re Protected by one of the Best Alarm Monitoring Companies in the Business

What Is A CSAA Five Diamond Certification?

Five Diamond Certification is a recognition of security excellence granted annually to the highest-quality security providers by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) International. CSAA is an internationally-recognized nonprofit trade association that has been representing professional security monitors since 1950. For the past sixty-plus years, the CSAA has been working to ensure the highest security standards in cooperation with law enforcement, fire officials, insurance providers, equipment manufacturers, and government and regulatory agencies. The CSAA has developed industry standards that set the bar for optimal security best practices. Security monitors represented by CSAA are professionals who are listed by approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories, such as FM Approvals, Intertek/ETL, or UL. The Five Diamond Certification rating represents the CSAA’s highest stamp of approval.

In order to qualify for Five Diamond Certification, security providers must meet five strict requirements:

  • Commitment to random inspections and quality criteria standards: Five Diamond-certified providers must commit to random inspections and quality criteria standards set by a nationally-recognized testing laboratory. CSAA relies on these laboratories to ensure that its standards are verified by qualified third-party experts so that customers know they can rely on CSAA central stations. CSAA only works with the best laboratories, such as FM Approvals, Intertek/ETL, and UL, all leaders in the field. A Five Diamond rating means that a central station is committed to the high standards set by these third-party testing leaders. Five Diamond central stations are willing to submit to random inspections to demonstrate to customers that they can be relied upon anywhere at any time.
  • Commitment to the highest customer service levels: Five Diamond-certified central stations have committed themselves to be held to the highest standards of customer service. When you’re dealing with a potential fire or a burglary that threatens life and property and exposes your company to potential legal liability for injuries or property damage, having unreliable customer service from your security provider isn’t acceptable. You can’t afford to have an alarm that doesn’t work because it wasn’t installed or maintained properly. CSAA Five Diamond-certified providers are committed to making sure that your security systems are correctly installed, diligently monitored, and properly maintained. Five Diamond central stations also make sure that all frontline employees are educated on all product and service lines so they can fully answer customer inquiries without assistance. To further ensure quality service, employees are trained in communication skills, including the ability to listen and the ability to communicate clearly without jargon. CSAA central stations also train employees to answer all phone calls promptly.
  • Commitment to ongoing job-related education and testing: Five Diamond certification means that your security provider is committed to keeping their employees up-to-date on the latest state-of-the-art developments in the industry. All employees of CSAA Five Diamond-certified central stations are certified by CSAA’s online training course. CSAA helps keep its members updated on the latest industry advances through its online training offerings, other educational opportunities, meetings, conventions, and certifications. Through these types of tools, the CSAA helps Five Diamond-certified members follow through on their commitment to stay on top of the latest developments in the security industry in order to deliver cutting-edge quality protection to their clients.
  • Commitment to raising industry standards: Five Diamond-certified security stations share the CSAA’s commitment to raising standards for the security industry. The CSAA is committed to establishing, maintaining, and improving security industry standards that promote optimal central station performance levels. The CSAA pursues this goal in partnership with its allies in law enforcement, fire safety, insurance, security equipment manufacturing, and government. CSAA Five Diamond-certified members demonstrate their commitment to this goal by participating in CSAA events throughout the year as a prerequisite for certification renewal.
  • Commitment to lowering the incidence of false dispatches: One way CSAA central stations help raise the security industry bar is by committing to lowering the frequency of false dispatches of police and fire department responders. A false dispatch occurs when a false alarm prompts police or fire dispatchers to send personnel to the scene. False dispatches are wasteful and costly to police and fire departments, diverting personnel who are needed for real emergencies and thereby diluting the safety of the entire community. False dispatches can results from improper call procedures, improper call lists, or outdated call lists. CSAA central stations train their employees to screen out false alarms and avoid false dispatches by following call verification procedure best practices, such as using video verification, and by ensuring that alarms are adequately maintained.

Central stations must meet all five of these criteria before qualifying for CSAA Five Diamond Certification. After successfully applying for Five Diamond Certification, central stations must renew their certification annually by demonstrating that all new operators hired over the past year have been trained through the CSAA’s Central Station Operator Online course. Certification renewal also requires keeping CSAA membership in good standing and demonstrating commitment to raising standards by participating in CSAA activities during the year.

Why Should My Company Choose a Five Diamond Certification Security Provider?

Choosing a Five Diamond-certified central station means you’re ensured of getting the best security protection available. Only the best of the best security providers qualify for Five Diamond Certification. Meeting just one of the standards that CSAA demands of Five Diamond-certified central stations is exceptional in the security industry. Meeting all five is extremely rare. Of the over 3,700 security operating companies in North America, only about 200 meet Five Diamond Certification standards, representing the top five percent in the industry. Dynamark is one of these elite security providers.When you go with a Five Diamond-certified security service like Dynamark, you know that you’re being protected by highly-trained professionals following the security industry’s best practices and using reliable equipment. You know that your provider’s alarms have been installed correctly and tested by random inspections so that you can be confident they’ll work in an emergency. And you know that you’ll be getting top-notch customer service from knowledgeable experts who are well-informed on the latest security best practices and committed to responding to your calls promptly. When you choose a CSAA Five Diamond-certified central station, you know that your security is in good hands.

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